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Merry-Go-Round Theater Awards

The Merry-Go-Round Theatre

awards Elmcrest Authors at

LHS PAC Performance

Mary Geoghegan received the Echoes Showcased Author Award for the successful writing of a performed piece.  The title of her writing piece is "Until I Fall".  Her piece was featured in a PAC performance at LHS.

Mary also received the Echoes Excellence in Writing Award for demonstrating true excellence in writing.  with her piece titled "Fly."  Kamry Scanna and Emily Warner also received the Echoes Excellence in Writing Award for their piece titled "The Black Dress".

Several Elmcrest students received Honorable Mention Awards:  Nathan Alexander, Cody Badger, Phillip Daniels, Mary Geoghegan, Kaelem Haskins, Tiana Rolfe, Laura Santos, Kamry Scanna, Tyler Sharkey, Allysa Squadrito, Sophia Valente, and Emily Warner.

In addition, several students also were awarded with Participation Awards:  Angela Morgans, Aubrey Nash, Braelee Rheume, Caleb Burns, Carlos Reese, Chloe Dailey, CJ Hess, Ella Turck, Lilliah Otero, Mariya Rentas, Meghan Ferguson, Mike Schaeber, Nate Aurelio, Nicole Alexander, Talan Hilliker, Tamara Hall, and Xavier Chapman.

Congratulations Elmcrest!

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Merry-Go-Round "Echoes" Writing Winners